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Believe it or not, Pigspotting is not about defeating the ends of justice. It’s about making South African motorists aware of the police presence on our roads and encouraging them to drive safely.

If you’ve ever been stopped in a South African roadblock, you’ll know that corruption is pretty rife here. That’s not okay. Corruption allows bad motorists to stay on the roads and it gives some of SA’s finest a bad name too.

Pigspotter is here to help change that situation, with your help.

We’re building one central platform to help the South African public learn their legal rights on the road, identify trapping hotspots, publicise abuses of police power and recognise those in the force who truly do serve their community.

We’ve thought about this project long and hard and have come up with some pretty cool ideas to make this site a powerful community tool.

We’re building this site for you, though. So we’d like to know exactly what you’d like to see on the site so we can give you what you need, not what we think you need

Here are some of our ideas; please send us yours.


Your thoughts and suggestions